Thanks for visiting my site. Why does this site exist? Sometimes you just want to show off a little. Here you'll find some of my words and other accomplishments.

Me, In a Paragraph or Two

I'm Scott Roeben, and I suppose I'm best known for my humor site, Dribbleglass.com. The site has had more than 25 million visitors since 1999, and inspired my book, "Twisted Billboards."

I recently launched a new Las Vegas blog, VitalVegas.com, sure to become the best, most popular, most modest Las Vegas Web site in the known universe.

Professionally, I feel I excel in the worlds of writing and editing, public relations, advertising, Web development and marketing. Currently, I work as an Internet & Social Media Specialist at Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah's Entertainment).

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What You'll Find Here

From concept to execution, I thrive in the advertising realm.
I love the Internet, so it's no surprise I've built a few Web sites.
Enjoy this collection of a few of my favorite images.
Call it wordsmithing, inkslinging or writing. These are my words.
From writing to editing, it all comes together in these publications.
Just when you thought you'd seen it all, this is everything else.

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